Top 5 Funniest Photo Booth Props

August 8th, 2022

funny photo booth props horse mask

It's a no-brainer that having a photo booth at your party is a guaranteed hit. We get to be children again while we play dress up with our friends. In the real world, things are usually pretty strict and serious, but when you're wearing a wig or dressing as a cowboy, all that is forgotten.

But a photo booth is only as good as its props, and not all props are created equal. Some props are cool, like an Iron Man mask or Hulk hands. Other props are photo booth standards, like oversized glasses, wigs, and signs that say "I'm with stupid". or "mwahaha." Some props are just downright gross, like a baby bottle, or a squished worm. And then there is the pièce de résistance of the worst possible photo booth prop: the poop emoji.

But the best props are those that are so ridiculously funny you can hardly gather yourself to pose for the photos. So if you're looking for new prop ideas for your next event, we've compiled a list of our top 5 most hilarious photo booth props.

Alright, enough with the intro, let's get this party started:

5. (toy) Weapons

photo booth toy sword prop

What could be more fun than slaying your friends with a toy axe while wearing a Viking hat? Or having a force duel with opposing lightsabers (topped off with a Yoda and Vader mask?) Or dominating the booth with Thor's hammer Mjölnir? That's right, nothing!

4. Fake beards

fake beards photo booth props

Not everyone has the gift of growing a glorious beard. But now, they don’t have to! What could be funnier than a fair skinned lady sporting a giant beard? Or a baby with a giant mustache?

3. Chewbacca mask

chewbacca mask prop

I mean, we've all seen the video, right?

2. Political masks

funny political mask props

Don’t politics just have a way of bringing people together? Ok, maybe not, but regardless of your political persuasions, we can all have a lot of fun (and laughs) dressing up as the worlds most famous (or infamous) leaders.

1. Animal masks (but especially horse masks)

horse mask photo booth prop

And of course, our personal favorite: the horse mask. I don't think we need to explain this one!